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Leading Edge Geomatics is thrilled to announce that we have unveiled our new brand identity! Rebranding marks a significant part of our growth as a geomatics and mapping solutions provider and emphasizes our commitment to delivering high-quality services to our clients.

With the emergence of social media and the digital era, businesses are compelled to evaluate their brand identity and make changes as needed. After rebranding, we acknowledged this change was a step in the right direction, as it promotes our business growth and progress.

Our team has been creatively engaged over the past several weeks, thinking, strategizing, and establishing our new brand identity. With new branding, we have features which reflect our core values and mission as a leading geomatics solutions provider.

Why we refreshed our brand identity

In the geomatics industry, it is important to make the right changes to remain competitive. Our new branding is a promise to our clients that we will always be consistent in;

  • delivering high-quality and accurate services
  • providing experiences above expectations
  • building valuable relationships
  • striving for the highest of standards  

Our team is confident that our recent brand changes promote those promises and display our continuous business growth. We are pleased to reveal our new features. Here are the changes you will notice with our new brand identity;

A distinct new logo

Our new logo takes a figurative design approach. The new design depicts the letter ‘L’ from our company name and also represents LiDAR penetrating the ground. Our logo is the foundation which define our new branding. It signifies our work, capturing precise and high-quality mapping solutions for our clients.

Leading Edge Geomatics' new logo.

A completely new website

We have incorporated a sophisticated and modern design for our new website theme. The new design focuses on user experience, making it effortless to navigate through the website. The new look really supports our goal of creating an excellent first impression.

Leading Edge Geomatics' showcases its new brand identity which includes a new website.
Leading Edge Geomatics’ showcases its new brand identity, including a new website

New typeface and colour palette

We selected a new typeface, which introduces condensed modern attributes to match the sharp look and feel of our new logo. As we began working on our new branding, the colour selection held as much importance as any other part of our brand identity. Our new colour palette includes black, white and a shade of sky blue. These colours were carefully chosen to reflect our value proposition and company positioning. Black associates Leading Edge Geomatics as a premium and bold brand. We used white to compliment and balance the use of black as it represents efficiency and the shade of sky blue was selected to signify the trust and loyalty we develop in our client relations.    

Build a strong social media presence

Along with our new branding, we are also working towards creating a strong social media presence. We are on numerous platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Our social media will build on our identity by including branded posts about announcements, company updates, new projects, LiDAR collected data and aerial imagery.

There are several reasons why we considered it was time for a new look.

Improve target marketing strategy

Our new brand identity will significantly improve our marketing efforts. Rebranding allows us to communicate our brand’s message and promises to our target audiences more effectively, while helping us stand out to potential clients.

Attracting new clients

We can now leverage our new brand identity to attract new audiences and reach more customers. This will allow us to stay ahead of the competition.

More visibility for our website

By improving and optimizing the components of our website, we have made it search engine friendly. This means our website will be seamless for potential clients to find our business online.

Why rebrand now?

Over the years, we have witnessed the growth of our company. As the world begins to move forward from the unprecedented events that hindered businesses across the globe, it was time to introduce a new look.

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