With the help of our industry leading technology, we can convert complex data into valuable insights to support clients with evaluating their project requirements. Our data collection process includes the use of LiDAR systems and aerial photography to provide accurate, high-quality, and efficient solutions.

Forest Management Solutions

Leading Edge Geomatics has developed a Forest Management Solution integrating Enhanced Forest Inventory (EFI) with LiDAR terrain and surface products. Our Forest Management Solution offers forest professionals the combination of forest metrics and terrain data that lead to an improved management strategy and efficient operations on the ground.

By enhancing the knowledge of a landbase for forest managers as well as operators, our forest management solution can help to;

  • Lower operational costs
  • Identify high value wood products
  • Analyze variation in forest growth and performance
  • Increase safety
  • Reduce negative environmental impacts
  • Improve change detection
  • Predict accurate forest metrics accounting for within stand variability across the landbase
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Electric Power Transmission

We offer operators complete infrastructure surveys by conducting corridor or wide-area data captures using fixed-wing and rotorcraft-based LiDAR and camera platforms in conjunction with the ground collection of survey and relevant weather data. Our Operations team has extensive experience with electric power transmission corridor projects, meeting all the collection timing requirements to support reporting and field activities. A full suite of georeferenced data products can be generated in post-processing, including point cloud classification, PLS-CADD modelling and associated analyses required to support vegetation management activities, change detection outputs to support HCA analysis and encroachment enforcement, as well as other associated datasets related to landcover and elevation.

Our innovative Subway Maps allow for rapid visualization and prioritization of any identified areas of concern along a corridor, and our Enhanced Forest Inventory (EFI) solution provides additional insights for both transmission and distribution to more effectively manage vegetation threats.

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Topobathymetric LiDAR

Aerial topobathymetric LiDAR is an effective tool, which extends the reach of topographic LiDAR. It is used to collect elevation data from coastlines, estuaries, rivers and other non-navigable shallow water. The potential for simultaneous topobathymetric LiDAR and aerial imagery collection yields a complete package to get the most information out of your area of interest. Our topobathymetric sensors have achieved post-refraction depths of over 20 metres in suitable survey conditions.

Leading Edge Geomatics was an early adopter of topobathymetric LiDAR, partnering with the Advanced Geomatics Research Group to use the Chiroptera II, an innovative topobathymetric LiDAR system which simultaneously captures topographic and bathymetric LiDAR data as well as high-resolution imagery. Leading Edge Geomatics has since extended its capacity with the purchase of a Riegl VQ-880GII, equipped with a 4-band camera system. Our Operations team has experience with the demanding requirements and active environment inherent in topobathymetric LiDAR collection, successfully collecting topobathymetric LiDAR projects throughout the Eastern Seaboard. Our Geospatial Processing Solutions team has been at the forefront of topobathymetric data alignment, classification technology and methodology.

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Mining & Geological Exploration

Detailed topographic mapping and high-resolution aerial imagery provide a foundation for data gathered during geological exploration as well as for operations management. The elevation models of the ground underneath vegetation provided by LiDAR paired with imagery reveal outcrops and give geologists insight into the morphology of exploration targets. Leading Edge Geomatics can provide 3D models and high-resolution imagery for mapping of current operations as well as exploration targets, regardless of size. By contributing to the enhanced productivity of mining operations, we help reveal opportunities and mitigate safety risks.

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Public Sector Infrastructure

Leading Edge Geomatics’s LiDAR and aerial imagery provides a versatile dataset that supports various projects for government agencies such as infrastructure, roads and highway planning. Our comprehensive insights allow planners and engineers to virtually explore areas of interest, consequently reducing their costs and increasing resource efficiency.

Our technology can provide a versatile dataset which supports various departments, promoting sustainable communities. Community maps are an integral part of community development and support the following;

  • Project planning
  • Infrastructure
  • Tourism
  • Emergency response
  • Flood analysis
  • Impact assessment
  • Green space management
  • Crime analysis
  • Land parcel administration
  • Tax assessments
  • Land surveying
  • Vector collection
  • GIS
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Obstruction Hazards for Airports & Flight Paths

Our efficient LiDAR and aerial photo technologies can assist in identifying and mitigating obstruction hazards in aircraft flight paths as well as assist in airport expansion plans. Leading Edge Geomatics can complete projects in a timely manner, collecting the airborne and ground survey information needed to meet all Object Limitation Surface modelling requirements. Our Geospatial Processing Solutions team provides data processing, Obstruction Limitation Surface generation and analysis, customized training on products, support on analysis results, and are also available to coordinate field crews for flagging and managing obstacles and potential hazards.

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Wide Area Mapping

Leading Edge Geomatics’ LiDAR and camera sensors map targeted widespread areas to collect high quality and accurate data to produce effective workflow solutions to help clients capitalize on projects efficiently and improve management strategies. Whether clients require flood modeling, elevation statistics, terrain mapping, forest management and enhanced forest inventory, or have further topographic mapping requirements, Leading Edge Geomatics has demonstrated the effective collection of data for large areas across North America for over a decade.

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Assess the Environment, Respond to Emergency, Prevent Disasters


Environmental Monitoring
With the use of aerial photography and LiDAR, we provide our clients with efficient and accurate ways to gather data on different aspects of the environment. Our cost-effective surveys make it possible to routinely collect data on areas or ecosystems of interest, frequently offering current information.

Emergency Preparedness
Our services offer thorough insights on potential flooding and hazardous coastline characteristics that can help mitigate risks by saving lives and infrastructure during emergency situations. Having access to current and accurate topological data of affected areas can support regions when preparing for a state of emergency.

Disaster Assessment
Aerial surveys offer an advantageous perspective on disasters and their effects. By collecting necessary data and information, disasters can be monitored and assessed safely and quickly. Using advanced equipment we can provide accurate data to help monitor damage, mitigate further risks, plan for rehabilitation, and prepare for future events.

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