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LiDAR technologies offer an efficient and accurate method to survey transmission lines. Aerial surveys allow energy providers to accurately map their assets and monitor areas of vegetation encroachment.

Aerial LiDAR provides accurate point clouds for transmission lines, allowing utility providers to;

  • Design the transmission routes
  • Measure the topography below the transmission line
  • Locate the position of towers and poles
  • Measure the sag on wires
  • Monitor the up-growth of any vegetation or other possible illegal obstructions
  • Prioritize vegetation risk areas

Data Collection

Leading Edge Geomatics operates a fleet of seven fixed wing aircraft with seven LiDAR systems and five aerial cameras, which enables us to apply the right remote sensing data collection system for the application, from detailed powerline mapping to vegetation management updates.

Information Mapping

Power line corridor mapping provides information through the life cycle of the power line:

  • Design stage – engineering grade information for transmission line design, route optimization & environmental management
  • Build Verification – verify build to design and establish geo-referenced catalogue of transmission asset
  • Operations – monitor power lines for vegetation encroachment & transmission structures, & equipment for wear & aging

Vegetation Management

Vegetation encroachment can cause service interruptions and result in heavy fines from authorities. Leading Edge has leveraged its extensive forestry experience to offer clients a cost-effective, efficient and accurate method to monitor transmission lines and surrounding vegetation. The service includes proprietary applications for canopy characterization, “Trees of Interest” identification and routines to fuse the LiDAR data with appropriate imagery to optimize information for field use.

Leading Edge Geomatics’ Utility Support Services

  • Variety of mapping layers targeted to the project
  • Detailed elevation and attributes
  • LiDAR and image fusion
  • Full range of PLS-CADD services
  • GIS support
  • Data management
  • Applications to translate LiDAR data into field information

Contact Leading Edge Geomatics today to learn more about how we can support your powerline mapping and elevation model needs.

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